The mission of Sunnyside Charter Academy is to provide a challenging, enriching, and meaningful education that nurtures and respects the individual student and the diverse community of learners in an inspiring environment.

Our Vision is to provide innovative options where educators and families collaborate to empower students to strive for academic excellence; to offer academically rigorous curriculum to prepare students for college; to provide a safe, inclusive learning environment for all students regardless of ability or background; and to build community pride through principles of cooperation, integrity, gratitude, charity, and work ethic.

The responsibility to help students succeed should not be borne by educators alone; parent involvement is not only valuable, but indeed, essential. United States Secretary of Education Secretary Arne Duncan shares our philosophy, My vision for family engagement is ambitious… I want all parents to be real partners in education with their children’s teachers, from cradle to career. In this partnership, students and parents should feel connected—and teachers should feel supported… When parents demand change and better options for their children, they become the real accountability backstop for the educational system.
Thank you for taking the time to learn more about this endeavor; we hope you will join us. Please click on the tabs at the top of this page to find out more about Charter Schools of Sunnyside and how you can be involved.

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