Friday, September 6, 2013

Why we are doing this


This was the best part of my day yesterday.  It was one of those days that  my "to-do" list just kept growing, and my schedule of taxiing my five kids all over town seemed to become increasingly complicated as the day wore on.  I was grateful for an hour to sit in the shade and catch up on some charter school reading and prepare for the evening's meeting while waiting for two of my kids at their piano lesson.  But my littlest one had other ideas; he snuggled up next to me and asked-- no, demanded-- that I read him "Hop on Pop", his latest favorite book.

Taking the time to engage with my son reminded me why we are tackling this Herculean task of applying to open a charter school in Sunnyside.  Engaging families in their children's education is at the heart of what we aim to accomplish.


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