Sunday, August 4, 2013

Resource list

For those of you who came to last night's bbq Q&A meeting (8/3/13)...THANK YOU!  Thank you so much for your support.

I promised you a copy of some Charter School resources and websites that we have so far.  So below is a basic list of important resources where you can find information regarding Charter School application and start-up here in Washington State.


Washington State Charter Schools Association
o This association is designed to help guide us in the right direction when applying to become
a charter school. They are our advocates too. They provide webinars, seminars, and other resources for charters here in Washington State. 

Washington Charter school Resource Center:
o Another resource center.

Washington Charter School Commission:
o This is our State Commission board. They will most likely be our Authorizer when we apply to become a charter school.
o Our State’s charter law and rules for application are located here. 

Washington State Legislature:
o This is the WA state legislature page on the new Charter School laws. Click on each section to get further details.  There are 26 sections to our Charter School law.  I would highly recommend you read through each section to know what rules we must follow when opening a charter here in Washington State.

Charter School Tools:
o Online resource center for Charter Schools across the country. You can click on Washington
State and it’ll pull up resources and information in our area.  I just found this tool the other day, it seems to be pretty helpful.

Hopefully we will see more of you back tomorrow (and maybe some new faces) for our Monday Workshop:
You're Invited! And bring a friend!
What:  Charter School Training Workshop
Where: Sunnyside Library Conference Room
621 Grant SunnysideWA
When: Monday Aug 5, 2013 10am to 5pm
Lunch on your own 1-2pm

Join us with special guest, Jon Braack, as he guides us through what it will take to open our Charter School here in Sunnyside.  He will teach us about the 3 different phases of opening a charter.  The phases include: 1) Strategies and tools on what we need to do NOW until Application Deadline. 2) What we will need to do from the time we get approved until first day of classes 3) And finally, the fun part! School Design! This is the part where we get to design what our school looks like.
Hope to See you there!

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