Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Why a charter school in Sunnyside?

Parents play an integral role in the educational success of their children.

  •  We are our children's first teachers, and we are their lifelong teachers.
  • Parents have the responsibility to advocate for their children and help to teachers identify and understand the individual needs of each child.
  • The burden of educational success is too great for teachers to shoulder alone; the best way for students to succeed in the classroom is through support in the home.
  • Parents should work with teachers and administrators to choose the curriculum that is used to educate their children.  Parents also need to have a working knowledge of that curriculum so that they can assist in teaching both in the classroom and at home.

We believe in public education.

  • Our children as well as our community will benefit when they learn to work with other people of varying backgrounds-- ethnic, socioeconomic, religious, and otherwise.
  • Families should not have to open their own checkbooks to fund their children's K-12 educations when tax dollars are available for that very purpose.

Charter schools are the best way for parents to participate in the education of their children at school.

Sunnyside lacks a school community where public funds are used and active parental involvement is not only welcomed but encouraged.

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